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08.02.2013 09:24    Comments: 0    Categories: Community      Tags: valentines  shop local  

Valentine's Day is coming February 14th. Please consider shopping Bethel for your Valentine.

Did you know the average person spends $126 on Valentines Gifts like cards, flowers, candy, or dinner?  That adds up to approximately $1 million dollars spent on gifts by Bethel residents.  If you spend that $126 at a locally owned independent business rather that in a national chain or online $86 will stay in Bethel.  That totals over $600,000 for the Bethel community.  If you spend it at a national chain only $350,000 stays in the local Bethel community.  If you spend it online $0 remain in the local Bethel community.

Imagine the effect you could have on the local Bethel economy if you bought your honey’s Valentine’s Day gifts from locally owned flower shops, gift shops, bookstores, salons and spa, etc!

Thank you for shopping local Bethel this Valentines Day! for a list of Valentine’s Gift Ideas

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